Why is taking so long to find GPS signal?

First searching is taking the longest time. It is trying to avoid false location recognition. This functionality will improve in next released version.

Can I push GO button and lock my phone?

Yes, you can. Application will still work in a background, even during finding GPS signal.

Dose I have to be online to use SkiBoard Tracker?

Absolutely NOT, you do not need to use internet at all, unless you are planning to use locator functionality.

Note: You need to use Google Earth caching to be able to see 3D map offline

Why sometimes my counters does not show appropriate data ?

The SkiBoard Tracker is based on GPS technology which is not perfect. Current accuracy is set to 10m, which mean that if you will go to the place with low GPS signal the counters may show incorrect data. Usually is is not big difference, however it is always recommended to the use PAUSE if your going inside the buildings.

How to open context menu for my history routes?

You can do it by LONG click on to the list or group element.

Note: Right site of each entry is scroll-able.

Why my 3D map dose not open when I am offline?

The Google Earth application as default is always trying use internet connection. If you want to use offline mode you should switch off all your internet providers (including 4G data and Wifi). 

Note: The Google Earth have a possibility to cache data. Before you will start your adventure open Google Earth at your location when you have full access to the WiFi.

How I can share my data?

Currently there is no one button share option, you can export your history route as a KML file and then send it by email.

NOTE: Files are exported into your phone Download\SkiBoard Tracker folder.

Where my data are stored?

Currently all history route data (except “Locator” functionality) are stored on you phone memory.

I cannot see my current history route. When my route is saved ?

Your route information are stored in the phone memory when you press STOP button.

Note: Your route is saved as well when you click on “X” button in the phone notification area.

Why my activity type dose not show correctly?

Activity type functionality is under beta testing and it will improve in each version.

Where I can report an issue?

You can use feedback option in an application to report any issue which you find.

Why my activity types shown with small delay?

Recognize activity type is usually taking up to 3 seconds. This time is required to analyse data.

Are you planning to improve your application?

Currently I develop this application in my spare time. The list of features I want to implement is already very long. Therefore I need to prioritize it. If you want to see a feature which was already requested by many users, I will most likely implement it. If your feature request is very specific, the change that I will ever have enough resources to implement this is relatively low. 

Note, I will not implement a feature just because you gave a one star rating at Google Play. For me this feels like blackmail. The chances are much higher is you send me a mail.


Why “Locator” is not updating my group data?

There are two ways to update your group data. First one is related to the auto server updating (this is happen ever period of time if user is logged in). The second one is based on the request location update. In both cases running SkiBoard Tracker application and internet connection is required.